How is this done?

We focus on 11 sustainable indicators following international initiatives which include, soil, water, pesticide use, energy, biodiversity, social capital, animal welfare, waste, local community and training.

Method of Assessment

We work with Control Union for advise and audit. Using Quickfire, a traceability and quality assurance software developed by muddy boots to keep track of level of sustainability in our farms and fields.

Our farms

Are situated in the west of Shandong, North of China with Pristine Farmlands, strategically set on the most remote stretch of land to minimize impacts of nearby urban developments. We operate on basis of wholly-owned fields as well as contract farms.

In control

Centralizing all purchases of seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals such as pesticides . These are strictly managed and monitored by our experienced agronomists and fieldsmen to ensure our products are trully from Field 2 Fork.


Every batch is thoroughly examined and screened for harmful substances before it is released to our customer.


Constantly reviewing our pesticide positive list to ensure full awareness of latest legislative change.

Sustainable Farming

At Giant Food, we believe commitment to our food also means commitment to our environment. For this reason, we participate with our partners to initiate and follow programs to reach the ultimate goal of sustainable development. We passionately embrace the four principles to meet the needs of the present without jeopardizing the future of our natural resources:


  • Economically and efficiently produce sufficient, safe, and nutritious food
  • Sustain and enhance natural resources
  • Maintain viable farming enterprises and contribute to sustainable livelihoods
  • Meet cultural and social demands of society